The Best Spots For First Time Buyers In The West Midlands

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It’s never been easy to make that first jump onto the property ladder, so recently we’ve been taking a look at some of the best spots around the country and in Greater Manchester, taking into account the estimated average property price (from Zoopla) and the median salary for the area (from the Office for National Statistics).

Of course, choosing where to buy your first home is about more than just where’s cheapest, but the data is still an interesting look at the state of the housing market in the region.

While Birmingham is undoubtedly the most popular place to live in the region, there are some gorgeous towns and villages on its outskirts such as Solihull, although as you can see from our data, it might not be the cheapest place to find somewhere as a first time buyer!

City/Town Average House Price Median Salary House Price to Salary Ratio
Sandwell £114,962 £23,177 4.96
Dudley £155,625 £27,050 5.75
Stoke-on-Trent £140,063 £22,826 6.14
Newcastle-under-Lyme £164,354 £25,862 6.36
Coventry £190,793 £28,043 6.80
Birmingham £182,983 £25,996 7.04
Walsall £172,778 £24,270 7.12
Stafford £226,972 £28,819 7.88
Wolverhampton £181,381 £23,001 7.89
Bromsgrove £255,604 £31,284 8.17
Tamworth £208,191 £25,417 8.19
Rugby £245,706 £29,058 8.46
Lichfield £288,104 £31,658 9.10
Worcester £255,604 £26,487 9.65
Warwick £340,221 £31,357 10.85
Solihull £378,010 £32,179 11.75
Stratford-upon-Avon £377,810 £31,115 12.14


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