Buy to Let Mortgage Advice

[howcanwehelp-right]What represents the best buy to let mortgage for you will depend upon your personal circumstances. Search Mortgage Solutions offer advice on buy to let mortgages for the accidental landlord right through to the professional, portfolio, buy to let landlord.

The downturn in interest rates on deposited money coupled with the erratic performance of the stock market have led to a very buoyant upsurge of interest in buying residential property to rent out. There are some very attractive properties available at much reduced prices in comparison with a few years back. Couple this with gradual but consistent increases in rental returns and it is easy to see the reasons for rising demand.

There are very many alternative choices of mortgages for this purpose but not all will be suitable for every investor. There has to be careful and comprehensive consideration given to the circumstances of the applicant, the specific property, and the willing lenders.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
The Financial Conduct Authority do not regulate some buy to let mortgages

There is an important difference between a buy to let mortgage and a standard home loan. Most lenders will consider the potential rental income of the property in addition to your salary when making their assessment of your application.


Make no mistake, finding the most appropriate mortgage for a buy to let property can be something of a minefield mainly because of the increasingly stringent criteria set down by the lenders who are always unwilling to take unnecessary risks.

[thegoodnews-right]At Search Mortgage Solutions, because of our location in the centre of a major city and surrounded by literally thousands of apartments, we are continuously very active in the buy to let sector. This has become something of a speciality to us and, as a consequence, we know the best options when linking an investor to a lender.

The first thing you need to start the ball rolling is a good chat with one of our mortgage advisors. We charge no fee for giving you the necessary advice.

Protection insurance is strongly recommended for your peace of mind. Please refer to our separate web page ‘Mortgage Protection Insurance’ which gives details of how we can help with this.”
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