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Choosing a new home or an investment property takes a lot of time and effort and when you have made your decision you are faced with the difficult task of fixing the most advantageous financing arrangements. This is the point when you need to engage the services of a top class mortgage broker. Welcome to Search Mortgage Solutions, a committed and enthusiastic mortgage broker offering Bradford, Halifax, and Keighley mortgage advice.

Selecting the right mortgage broker is a difficult task but there is an excellent starting point which helps to simplify the procedure. We strongly recommend that you start by browsing through their testimonials page to check out the comments of previous clients. Of course testimonials can be easily contrived but we offer ours for close scrutiny by our industry regulators whenever requested. We list very many but just choose a half a dozen at random and we know that you will like what you see. It is nice to benefit from the positive experience of our earlier clients.

Another important factor to consider is the cost of broker fees which can sometimes be very significant. You will be pleased to know that we don’t charge any broker fees at Search Mortgage Solutions.

Our sophisticated IT systems allow us to search the whole of the market on your behalf covering more than 4,000 potential mortgage deals from very many lenders.

Arranging a mortgage can be very complicated and you would be very unwise to attempt to do it yourself on the internet without taking advice from a professional mortgage specialist. Most people are unaware that lenders always complete a credit check on any new mortgage applicant which is recorded on your credit history whether or not you proceed to final application. With every enquiry you make, your credit history is updated and this can easily give the wrong impression to lenders. We are able to avoid this by sourcing the most suitable deals available and, by having discussions with the various underwriters, we ensure that their criteria can be met by our clients. We are then able to present the client with a range of mortgage options that offer not just the best deals available, but are most likely to be approved.

If you would like to know how your personal circumstances match up to the requirements of the mortgage lenders, please call Search Mortgage Solutions, the Bradford, Halifax, and Keighley mortgage brokers.


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