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If you are planning to move home, or you would simply like to consider a re-mortgage, you would be well advised to seek a really good mortgage advisor to ensure that you get the best of the many deals that will be open to you. Welcome you to Search Mortgage Solutions, a straightforward, no-nonsense, Sale, Salford, and Altrincham mortgage broker.

Maybe you are a first time buyer or you are looking for a buy to let mortgage. Whatever your interest in clicking onto our website we are ready to guide you safely and securely through the mortgage maze.

Always check whether or not the broker you are considering charges a fee for their services. At Search Mortgage Solutions we don’t charge a fee for finding and arranging suitable mortgages for our clients. You are more than welcome to give us a call just for advice. Our reward comes from the chosen lender in the form of a commission after a mortgage is completed.

Testimonials are very important on a mortgage broker’s website. Have a really close look at them to see how earlier clients have judged the service they have received. We are extremely proud of the very positive comments received from so many past clients and, to guarantee that they are absolutely genuine, we offer the originals for scrutiny by our industry regulators. Please do take a look. You will be impressed.

The mortgage application process has always been complicated but over recent times it has become even harder to navigate successfully. On the internet there are many options open to the would-be home owner. However it would be unwise to ‘go it alone’ without reviewing your circumstances with a qualified professional mortgage advisor.

You may not be aware that lenders will complete a credit check on a new mortgage applicant which is recorded on their credit file whether or not they proceed to a final application. The more enquiries they make, the more chance their credit score can be reduced which diminishes the chance of a mortgage application being accepted. A better way is to allow us to find the best deals available to suit your specific needs and, by having discussions with the various underwriters, we ensure that their criteria can be matched you, our client. This enables us to present you with a range of mortgage options that offer not just the best deals available, but are most likely to be approved.

Please allow us the opportunity to show you how your personal circumstances match up to the requirements of the mortgage lenders. If you are in Sale, Salford, or Altrincham, please call Search Mortgage Solutions. You will be connected with our principal mortgage advisor, who will be happy to explain all the options that could be open to you. Don’t forget, there is no charge for our service.


Please call us for a preliminary, no obligations, chat.

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Our advisors are available 8 am to 10 pm, every day including weekends.

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