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A Guide To Moving House – Part 2

In part 1 of our ‘A Guide To Moving House,’ we looked specifically at the things you need to consider prior to having an offer confirmed, however in part 2, we’re going to take a look in particular at those things which you might need to give a little thought to in the run up to your moving in day, if nothing else, in preparation for getting ready to move in.

1. Consider Renting A Storage Unit

We all know how stressful the weeks running up to a move can be and having all your belongings packed into boxes never helps. Boxes simply get in the way and you suddenly find that you’ve absolutely nowhere to live in the final weeks in your current home. As such, one of our top tips is to consider renting a storage unit for a short period, if only to offer you a solution to move your belongings out of the house and give you a little space to pack up those items which you use on a daily basis.
We had a brief chat with the team over at The Storage Works in Great Harwood who outlined to us, “it’s common for customers to hire a storage unit for a couple of month’s either side of their big move and you’ll generally find that almost all storage warehouses are more than happy to cater for this. Most will offer storage rates on a weekly or monthly basis and you generally won’t need to tie in for a long period. This offers the perfect solution for those wanting to start packing early without needing to find storage space for box after box at home whilst you’re still trying to live a ‘normal’ life whilst also packing the last of your belongings.”

2. Hire A Removals Company

Despite what some think, you can rarely complete a home move on your own, even if you own a van. Items such as sofa’s and dining tables simply aren’t designed to be moved around in domestic vehicles and, as such, it’s generally the easiest option to hire a removals company for the day, complete with a team to do all of the heavy lifting for you. They’ll help to ensure all of the logistics are in place and that the move runs smoothly, ensuring you’re free to worry about the important parts rather than packing vans and driving back and forwards with furniture hanging out of the back!
Whilst many of you will be familiar with a local removals company, if you’re not, our suggestion would be to use Rightmove’s ‘Removal Quote Tool’ to receive quotes from a number of companies who are both members of the British Association of Removers and who abide by a very strict code of conduct.

3. Hire A Skip

It’s a common fact that when you’re moving house, you’ll find you’re able to part with a whole host of belongings which you’ll never again need! It’s the perfect time to have a clear out and one which will be well needed before the big moving day! We caught up with Redmond from Reds Skip Hire who outlined to us:
“Whilst people hire skips for many reasons, one of the most common is due to them having a clear out, often when they’re moving house! With skips available in all sizes, often the same day from people such as ourselves, it’s an easy and efficient way and saves the time of having to trail to the local waste recycling centre over and over again!”

4. Start Planning Any Renovations Or Interior Design Work

Ahead of your big move date, we’d strongly recommend that you take the time to begin planning any renovations or interior design work which you’ll want to have done. Trust us when we say that, in many instances, it’s far easier to have work carried out as soon as you move in, before you’ve fully unpacked everything than decide two month’s down the line that you want to make some changes.
Our top tip here is to consider the storage you have available. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with buying free-standing storage from the likes of Ikea, a far more flexible solution if budgets allow is to start discussions with a bespoke furniture designer who can design and manufacture pieces which fit around your everyday lifestyle. One such example is London based Barbara Genda whose bespoke wardrobes offer the perfect solution to those wanting a bedroom storage space designed specifically for them. In Barbara’s own words, “Our walk-in closets are specifically designed around your individual needs and all of our fitted bedroom wardrobes are made from our exquisite selection of fine woods and classic finishes.” On the other hand, if you’re looking to add a little uniqueness to your home but don’t have the luxury of the space or budget for a fully customised storage space, why not go as far as you can and commission a bespoke piece from a specialist in that space? Our London team have heard great things about Novita Furniture from clients and we love the examples on their site!
The bottom line is that any bespoke projects such as this need careful planning and, as such, if you can arrange for the work to be done prior to moving in, you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run!
Of course, this is really only just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tips for the run up to your move, however in part 3, we’ll take a look at a number of top tips for turning your house into a home!


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