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Birmingham is UK’s ‘New Property Hotspot’

If there’s one pattern from 2014’s property trends that really stands out, it must surely be the focus upon property prices in the capital. 2014 saw London property values soar to truly astonishing levels, and numerous records were broken. With London ranked as the most expensive city to live in, bar no other in the world, many people elected to begin moving away from the capital, and this in turn opened up opportunities for other cities to excel, and Birmingham has been one such place.
Birmingham Leads the Way
When it comes to property investment, London has been king of the hill for quite a long time, but according to The Telegraph, our very own city of Birmingham is now set to overtake the capital as the ‘UK’s most attractive city for property investment’. Britain’s second-largest city has had a storied past, but these days Birmingham is leading the way not only in this respect, but also as the ‘business start-up’ capital of the UK. As a result of such developments – as well as the ongoing renovation to the city centre – Birmingham leapt up the list of property investment hotspots by a full 14 places.
Ex-Londoners in Birmingham
What’s more, the aforementioned people who are leaving London need somewhere to go, and youngsters in particular have found Birmingham to be the ideal place to frequent. In 2013, Birmingham was the place of refuge for nearly five-and-half-thousand ex-Londoners, and that’s a pattern that is set to continue. It’s not that London has lost any of its characteristic charm, because it hasn’t, it’s just that people can literally no longer afford to be based in the capital. In Birmingham, budding entrepreneurs or investors can spend the same sort of money for much greater gain, and when you get down to it, that’s always going to be an attractive prospect that takes some beating.
Mortgages in Birmingham
By all accounts, then, Birmingham is not only a great place to be in 2015, but it’s also an affordable place too, and that’s doubly true if you can find yourself the right mortgage broker in Birmingham. At Search Mortgage Solutions, we’re proud to be just such an efficient service provider, and we have a proven track record when it comes to finding the best mortgages in the UK’s second largest city. If you’d like to find out more, please contact us today by calling 0121 231 3115 or sending an email to enquiry@searchmortgagesolutions.co.uk. We’ll be happy to assist you.


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