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Can Improving Your Garden Add Value To Your Home?

There are endless home improvement programmes on our televisions showing us how best to improve our homes in order to boost its price tag on the property market. What is perhaps lacking is what difference your garden can have on your property’s value.

Research by over 50’s insurance provider RIAS earlier this year showed that the Gardens of Great Britain are collectively worth a staggering £9.3bn. This translates as each garden containing items worth £5,000 on average, a considerable chunk piece of money. To help you know what garden improvements will boost the price of your home, here is a handy list.


Storage is a big attraction to any potential buyer, so having a garage, shed or other outdoor storage facility can be a great investment. Families often have more than just garden tools to store, with children’s bikes garden toys and other things needing shelter from the miserable winter wether. Investing in a good, spacious and most importantly durable shed or storage unit could well be a big draw for a potential viewer.

Outdoor spaces also have other uses, which could add huge sums onto your property price, with increasing number of home owners getting creative with spaces such as sheds. For a little inspiration, check out these fantastic sheds.

Paving and patios

t is great to have variety in your garden (dependent on size) because its great to create multiple uses for your outdoor space. This is exactly what a patio can do, because a well laid patio can be used all year around, unlike a lawn.   

Patio experts RF Paving say “patios can be seen as an extra living space, especially in the summer months. They give home owners a very flexible space, either used for storage, for relaxing or for hosting guests. The use of short stone walls and steps (if needed) also improve the look of a garden and thus boost your price.”


What people love in a garden more than most is a beautiful lawn space. In the summer months a well maintained lawn can be a brilliant and flexible space for friends and families to enjoy. Think of a lawn as the important foundations for an appealing garden. It can be a space for children to play, a BBQ space, or simply a centre piece in which to build flower beds and patios around.

Unlike other things mentioned in this list, it is also relatively cheap if you already have some sort of lawn. Mowing and trimming your lawn is relatively cheap compared to irrupting a shed or laying paving, and can look fantastic.

Flowers and plants

Arguably even cheaper than lawns (depending on size and investment) plant can add a vibrancy to a garden space which can dramatically change the perception of any garden, therefore potentially improving its worth. This is less a guaranteed improvement like a shed or patio because it doesn’t involve a large wad of cash, but what it does do is make all the difference on first appearance.

Similarly to when you buy extra furnishings and trinkets to spruce up the appearance of the inside of your house, flowers are your gardens cherry on top, which might just twist an estate agents price review.

These are just some of the improvements that could make to your garden in order to make a difference when it comes to improving the price of your home. If you have had any experience and have found improving any of the above helped you, then please leave a comment below. 


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