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Three Ways To Create The Perfect Bathroom In Your Home

When it comes to making home improvements, the bathroom can be one of the trickiest rooms to really get right. Bathrooms are a minefield of potential mistakes, with so many variables of flooring, pluming, decorations and colour schemes to consider. If this is a headache you are going through, check out these 3 ways to make sure your bathroom ends up looking perfect

Stick to your plans

We have al visited a friend who has either moved into a house and attempted to modify the existing bathroom, or given up half way through a renovation, and thematically it can look rubbish. The first thing you need to do is decide on your colour scheme and stick to it. By doing this you can them plan all of your purchases around the theme, making sure everything fits and nothing is sticking out.

Try making sure your bath, shower, toilet and sink all match, as these will be the main features of your room and you want any of them to appear like an afterthought. Its also important to be realistic with what you can achieve. Not everyone can fit a bath and a shower in, so don’t compromise your plan because you think you “might be able to squeeze a shower in the corner” chances are you can’t.

This point of poor judgement couldn’t be summed up better than this post by buzzfeed.

Materials are vital

The longevity and look of your bathroom very much relies on the decisions you make when it comes to buying materials. One off the riskiest decisions you can make is going with carpet. Carpet can look good, but it creates lots of problems because it absorbs water, and bathrooms need to be able to cope with plenty of spillages.

As an alternative try stone tiles, and in particular natural stone tiles. There is a huge variety of natural stone options from slate, to marble to limestone, they all have different strengths and come in a range for different colours which might suit your theme better than others.

Natural stone experts RF interiors told us that “opting for natural stone is ideal fro bathrooms and kitchens because of its durability and resistance to water. It’s also very flexible depending on colour schemes because it comes in a range of tones from shiny blacks to creams and whites.”

Stone tiles also vary in hardness, for example granite is about the hardest stone you can get your hands on, whilst travertine or limestone has a bit more give in it, and is more regularly used in flooring. Natural stone texture is also important, with some having smoother surfaces than others, so best to shop around for one you aren’t going to slip over on.

Wallpaper is a stumbling block for some people, because it all can struggle to cope with moisture, but you can still use if you are smart. It can be more homely combining wall tiles with a painted wall or wallpapered wall, because you don’t want the room looking like the changing room of a Sunday league football club.

Be intelligent selecting fixtures

One of the biggest mistakes people make is rushing into buying their bathroom fixtures. This is more often than not because there are so many variables. To comply with point one, do what you can to make each fixture match, or at least make them follow your colour scheme.

As well as appearance, comfort can be a big problem. Take for instance the thought of buying a toilet you hadn’t tested out sitting on, only to find out it’s dreadfully uncomfortable? The same goes for a bath, as silly as you might look, why not hop in whilst in the show room to see if its feasible (but please keep your clothes on).

Hopefully the above three tips can put you on the right path to creating your perfect bathroom. If any of these tips have helped you out then please leave a comment below and let us know.


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