British Property Prices & The British Grand Prix

If you asked us if we could find a way to link British property prices and the Silverstone Grand Prix, we’d probably reply saying we couldn’t! Low and behold, however, one of the UK’s leading online estate agents, eMoov have gone and done just that and released an infographic which looks at how property prices here in the UK have changed over the years alongside the British Grand Prix winners!
For a concept we wouldn’t have thought to work, it works brilliantly. It works so well that we wanted to share it and, as such, here it is:

If we look back to 1955, the average house price was just £1,928! It’s phenomenal to think that in 2015, that is £188,566, a huge increase of 9,680%! The question which is asked time and time again is when are things going to settle down, however we think it’s safe to say that the price of houses is set to continue to rise for some time, albeit perhaps at a slower rate than we saw in the early 2000’s!