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Eight Top Tips To Remember When Viewing A Property

When viewing a property that you’re potentially thinking of buying, it may feel a little bit like you’re intruding in someone else’s space.
But this is not the way to think! Instead you should be thinking about how this space could be yours, and hopefully for many many years!
So instead of rushing in and out next time you’re viewing a property, take your time and inspect it from top to bottom.
If you don’t want to risk taking on a property fraught with problems, or pass up on your dream home, read on to discover our top tips to remember when viewing a property.

Is it structurally sound?

This can be quite hard to judge for the untrained eye. The odd hairline crack in a wall is probably nothing to worry about, but keep an eye out for any bigger cracks, as they could be a sign of structural instability.
In particular, you should be checking any extensions or bay windows as over time these can start to bow and fall away from the house.
Like we said, this can be quite hard to judge so if you’re in any doubt at all, we’d recommend calling in a professional surveyor.

Is It Damp?

This one shouldn’t be too hard to spot… or smell! If you spot any flaking plasterwork or any significant damp marks on the walls and ceilings, alarm bells should be ringing.
The mouldy smell is also a bit giveaway! Also be sure to look down at the skirting boards as well as these too can be affected by damp.

What’s The Storage Space Like?

It can easy to underestimate how much storage space you’re going to need, but think about all that junk you’ve got stored in the garage and attic!
Everything is going to need a new home in the new property and there’s a whole host of things you can easily forget about, especially bulky items such as spare bedding and towels.
If storage space is slightly lacking, is there potential to put up new shelves and cupboards?
You’d be surprised how little storage space some properties come with, especially new builds.
Also try to imagine each room without all of the current occupant’s furniture in it, as this can be a bit misleading as to the true size of the room.

What About The Windows?

Make sure to check the windows for any cracking paint, or any other damage. This could indicate that the window frames are rotten, which would need replacing.
Also look out for any condensation in-between the panes of double glazing as this will mean that that is also faulty.

Check The Roof

Another part of the property you might not think to check, the roof can wind up being one of the most expensive things you ever have to fix in your property!
The average life expectancy of a roof nowadays is as short as 15-20 years, so make sure it’s in good nick and won’t need replacing any time soon after you move in.

Consider The Electrics

You don’t need us to tell you how dangerous faulty plug sockets and wiring can be, so make sure to check them all out during the viewing.
Also have a look at the fuse board, you don’t need to be an electrician to be able to see if it looks old and outdated.

Test The Plumbing

Make sure you test out all of the taps in the property to ensure that they all work correctly, and make sure you ask planet of questions!
Try and find out how old the boiler is, and if all the radiators are working correctly.

Measure The Noise

Take a couple of seconds to just stand in silence and make sure you can’t hear any noisy neighbours next door!
It also pays to have a wander around the local area and see if there are any local pubs or takeaways that are going to lead to some loud late nights, or even worse, a train track or main road.
While you’re trying to balance all of the above information, the most important thing is can you imagine yourself making this your new home?
If you’re totally sure that this is the property for you, why not get in touch with one of our experts for some free mortgage advice?


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