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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.
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Bad Credit Mortgage Leeds

Search Mortgage Solutions, Leed’s leading mortgage brokers for bad credit mortgages, can offer assistance and advice on the problems of obtaining suitable mortgages for those unfortunate to have a poor credit history. There are numerous options to be explored to find suitable solutions that will work well to overcome specific problems.


  • Our Leeds Bad Credit Mortgages Advisors can advise on and arrange the right mortgage for you from 1000's of deals
  • You'll get expert advice and support throughout the entire mortgage process
  • We're genuinely fee free - we never charge a fee for our mortgage advice service

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Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers

Some of the common problems you may have from the past could include missed or late payments on credit agreements, missed and late mortgage payments, credit card debts, County Court Judgements (CCJ’s), or even bankruptcy. Only a minority of mortgage brokers are willing to take on bad credit mortgage applications because the processes that must be followed can be extremely time consuming. We have had long experience in the specialised area of bad credit mortgages and our expert Leeds mortgage advisors know the best routes to follow to maximise the chances of success for you to purchase your new home or arrange a new remortgage.

Of course people can move on from difficult periods in their lives and their problems can be resolved so it’s a real shame to be permanently locked out of the mortgage market because of misfortunes in the past. There are lenders who actually specialise in providing mortgages for people with a poor credit history. Being a Leeds whole of market broker specialising in bad credit mortgages, we have access to a whole range of sympathetic lenders. Usually we can arrange a new suitable bad credits mortgage with the best lender to suit your specific circumstances.

Search Mortgage Solutions

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1st Wootton Beavers
1st Wootton Beavers
Verified review
David was really easy to deal with, I swear he works ever hour under the sun! great service and thank you for sorting out my minefield of a mortgage (well, it felt like that to me, but you made it simple!) Will be using you next time i buy a house for sure :)
Deimante J
Deimante J
Verified review
Cannot thank enough to David Sharples for his professional manners along with a great support throughout the process of securing my mortgage , after some very bumpy roads towards it , David has managed to keep me calm and made sure that we got there at the end . The best broker I have ever used.
Peter Whitehead
Peter Whitehead
Verified review
Great professional friendly service and advice. I had a potentially tricky proposition be be sorted out at short notice however David managed to find a lender almost immediately and I had agreement in principle within 24 hours. Would definitely recommend.
Verified review
David helped me to secure my first mortgage back in 2013 and has since helped me with two re-mortgages. I've found him friendly and helpful on every occasion and he made the process smooth and straightforward. I would definitely recommend David as a mortgage advisor.
Sarah Guinness
Sarah Guinness
Verified review
Excellent and courteous service always provided. With attention paid to any change in personal circumstances, so as to find the best mortgage offers that suit. I cannot recommend Search Mortgage Solutions high enough, they are fantastic.
Suzanne Howarth
Suzanne Howarth
Verified review
Great service from the team at Search Mortgage Solutions - Will recommend to friends & family. Thank you
Szymon Czarnota
Szymon Czarnota
Verified review
Search Mortgage Solutions processed our mortgage application promptly for the third time! We cannot thank David enough for his professionalism and knowledge. Our applications have been rather complicated and he's been always very supportive and helpful. The whole process was so much easier and less stressful for us - thanks to him. Efficient, precise and friendly - we highly recommend!
Hayley Hawkins
Hayley Hawkins
Verified review
We have just completed our re-mortgage after completing our first mortgage with David. Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.
James Tuley
James Tuley
Verified review
Has been brilliant at supporting us through a couple of difficult house purchases and has always been available to help even when he was supposed to be on holiday! David is a really friendly person to deal with and has made the whole process easier for us.
Gemma Duffy
Gemma Duffy
Verified review
I would highly recommend the team at Search Mortgage Solutions. I am a returning customer who has re-mortgaged and bought using the teams expertise. Their customer service is excellent and their market knowledge is fantastic - they listened to our needs and found the best solution every time.


There is no doubt that these specialised lenders are exposed to higher risks. For this reason it is not unusual for them to charge a slightly higher rate of interest or expect to see a higher deposit than those applicable to standard mortgages. Often a mortgage broker with significant experience of working in the adverse credit sector may be able to secure you a mortgage with terms that are not too far away from those of standard mortgages. Of course, this depends very much on the depth and complexity of the applicant’s problems from the past. This is why it is always wise to engage with a specialised broker that has a thorough understanding of how the best adverse credit mortgages can be made available.

The FCA do not regulate buy to let mortgages.


Once you are a client of Search Mortgage Solutions our mortgage advisors will monitor your mortgage for its entire duration to ensure that you are made aware of the right mortgages to suit your circumstances now and in the future.

Whichever mortgage we arrange for you, our mortgage advisors will regularly check your rates and inform you of any better rates and deals available as the years tick by. You can be confident that someone is monitoring your deal throughout the lifetime of your mortgage. We will ensure that you are getting the most suitable value from your largest financial commitment.


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100% Fee Free Bad Credit Mortgage Advice Leeds

It is nice to know that, as time goes by, it could well be possible to improve your credit rating simply by keeping up with your mortgage repayments. This can mean that you could move to a standard mortgage at a later time. Of course we will advise you when would be the best time to re-mortgage in the future and we would have all your past history to hand to renegotiate the best deal available at that time.

To get things moving along we suggest that you chat through your problems with one of our specialist advisors. Over many years we have built up an excellent reputation for helping our clients through all kinds of seemingly insurmountable problems. After an in-depth discussion we will recommend the best route available for you to move forward.

Bad Credit Mortgage Advice

We really hope to have a chance to help you to buy your next home. An informal discussion with one of our Leeds bad credit or credit impaired mortgage specialists will cost you nothing and could prove to be the best move you could have ever made.

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  • Our Bad Credit Mortgages Advisors can advise on and arrange the right mortgage for you from 1000’s of deals
  • You’ll get expert advice and support throughout the entire mortgage process
  • We really are fee free – we don’t charge a fee for our mortgage broker service

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