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At Search Mortgage Solutions, Manchester’s leading specialist self-employed mortgage broker, we have very many years of experience of how different lenders assess the applications of self-employed mortgage applicants. Finding the best self-employed mortgage available to suit your specific needs and circumstances is our particular speciality.

For people employed on a PAYE basis the applicant’s income is clearly defined and there is very little risk to the lender. On the other hand, when assessing the income of self-employed or limited company directors, the lenders are very thorough to ensure that their exposure to risk is minimised. The intensity and method of the assessment varies enormously between lenders so the mortgage broker has to have an extensive knowledge of the most receptive lenders, particularly if the financial information is only marginally good enough.

Lenders will generally consider you as self-employed if you own more than 20% to 25% of a business which provides your main income. If this applies to you, regardless of what you are earning, and you are self-employed, a freelancer, a contractor, a sole trader, or a partner, we are ready to help you proceed to a mortgage to suit your particular circumstances.

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Will SleggWill Slegg
09:47 27 Jul 21
As a self employed person, I am always aware of additional difficulties in finding the right mortgage for me and my partner. Add to the mix a national pandemic and banks either reluctant or nervous to lend, and I was faced with quite a challenge to find the right mortgage. Luckily we had used Search Mortgage Solutions before so had no hesitation in their ability to help us find the right product. David helped us with quite a lengthy process in which a property purchase fell through resulting in an extended search and subsequent need for a new product. David took much of the stress out of an otherwise stressful situation and we could not be happier. Fully recommend!
Matt BrownMatt Brown
09:16 11 May 21
We dealt with David after struggling to get accepted by banks ourselves, within 2 weeks we had been accepted and are now a few weeks away from moving into our first home. He was very helpful, quick and responsive and I would highly recommend their services. Will definitely use again in future.
Ed PollardEd Pollard
19:06 12 Dec 20
I have used David and his team at Search Mortgage Solutions on a number of occasions and every time, his availability, advice and knowledge have been absolutely invaluable in helping with our mortgages. This has included some tricky, urgent issues to help us secure the house we wanted. The only thing that will stop me using David is when he retires! Thank you David for all your help over the years.
Nick VentoliniNick Ventolini
13:29 30 Sep 20
David regularly proposes the most convenient deal and solution in the best of your interest. Professional and trustworthy, highly recommended.
1st Wootton Beavers1st Wootton Beavers
11:37 30 Jul 20
David was really easy to deal with, I swear he works ever hour under the sun! great service and thank you for sorting out my minefield of a mortgage (well, it felt like that to me, but you made it simple!) Will be using you next time i buy a house for sure :)
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  • You gave good guidance throughout, identified the best mortgage products for us and made the whole process simple. We will certainly have no hesitation in recommending Search Mortgage Solutions to our friends and family..

    Diane & John
  • Your help was excellent. I would use your services again..

  • They are right when they say buying a house is the most stressful thing you can do. When we didn’t know what to do, we were advised to contact David and his team. From the first conversation, I knew we were in good hands and were speaking to someone who understood us and what we needed. I am so grateful for the help and advice we received from David and everyone at Search Mortgage Solutions. My advice to anyone looking for a mortgage would be, don’t go to the banks, go straight to a mortgage broker, go to Search Mortgage Solutions. You will receive a far better service. Thank you for helping us..

    Kat & Salvatore
  • I would like to say that I am very happy with the Mortgage David Sharples arranged for me and have told friends and family moving home to contact Search Mortgage Solutions. I must say it was the least stressful part of the whole moving process thanks to David..

  • Search Mortgage Solutions took a quick understanding of our circumstances, very clear advice, always available and helpful, gave clear information and well organised, very professional and we would recommend them to friends and colleagues..

  • I found Search Mortgage Solutions really helpful in getting me the mortgage I wanted. They got me a good deal, gave comprehensive advice, were easily contactable, I would definitely recommend Search Mortgage Solutions to others..

  • Search mortgage solutions provided an excellent service for me. David was very contactable through phone and e-mail and would reply very rapidly to any correspondence which was much appreciated. Would highly recommend..

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to David for all his help in arranging my mortgage. He was always available to talk and took the time to answer any queries I had. He gave me really good advice and helped me find the perfect mortgage. I would absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend him to my friends and will be seeking his advice again when I look to re-mortgage/move home..

  • We’ve been very impressed with the service provided by Search Mortgage Solutions and the ease with which they’ve found the right mortgage for us. The whole process was clearly explained and we’ve been kept informed every step of the way. We’d like to thank David and the team for their advice and friendly service. We will definitely be recommending you to family & friends and look forward to dealing with you again!.

    Nick & Ashley
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Self Employed Mortgage Advice Manchester

The interest rates applicable to self-employed mortgages are not necessarily any higher than standard mortgage rates. Generally the rates offered by the lenders are much more likely to depend on the size of your deposit and your credit rating. However, if your financial details have difficulty in meeting the preferred criteria of the mainstream lenders, we would make an application to specialised lenders that particularly service self-employed borrowers. In this case you may find that rates of interest are a little higher but unfortunately this is unavoidable.

There is absolutely no doubt that if you are self-employed and looking to get a mortgage, you need to engage with a Manchester based specialised self-employed mortgage broker that can guide you through the application process and advise which lenders would be most likely to favourably consider your specific business circumstances. We, at Search Mortgage Solutions, would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with you to meet your needs in the smoothest, most hassle free way possible. An informal discussion with one of our specialist advisors for the self-employed will cost you nothing and could prove to be the best move you could have ever made. Even if you have been turned down by other lenders we will still make every possible effort to find a suitable lender for your situation.

In reality there is no difference between mortgages offered to self-employed people or to those in regular work as an employee. Both have access to the same mortgages and the same interest rates. The big difference is the way that the lenders view income and assess affordability for the individual. Of course, accountants endeavour to present the most tax efficient view of their client’s accounts whereas the mortgage lenders are more interested in income. Our Manchester based, self-employed mortgage experts know from long experience which lenders are more flexible and willing to take a wider view of the applicant’s earnings.

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Self Employed Mortgages Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a mortgage if you are self employed is relatively straight forward.

Lenders will generally class you as self-employed if you own around about 25 percent or more of a business. If you are in a partnership you are treated the same as those who are sole traders.

You will have to prove how much you earn when you apply for a mortgage because lenders will want to make sure you can afford the monthly payments.

Proving your income is sometimes more difficult if you are self-employed, but you should be able to do this if you can get the right paperwork together. Detailed below is the paperwork needed by most lenders. Latest 2 years tax calculations and latest 2 years tax overviews. See below how to obtain from HMRC portal


Printing your Tax Year Overview

  1. Log in to your online account.
  2. Follow the link ‘view account’.
  3. Follow the link ‘tax years’ from the left hand navigation menu.
  4. Choose the year from the drop down menu and click the ‘Go’ button.
  5. Follow the link ‘print your Tax Year Overview’.


Printing your Tax Calculation (SA302)

  • Log in to your online account.
  • Follow the link ‘tax return options’.
  • Choose the year from the drop down menu and click the ‘Go’ button.
  • Select the ‘view return’ button.
  • Follow the link ‘view calculation’ from the left hand navigation menu.


Most lenders offer a wide range of mortgage deals for self-employed people.

Most lenders are happy to give mortgages for self-employed people if:-

  • You have been trading for at least 2 years, some lenders will consider you if you have been trading for 1 year plus a projection but these are limited.
  • You have two years of accounts or self-assessment tax returns available

The amount you can borrow depends on the lender, which is why it is important to shop around for the best deal and use a mortgage broker.

Lenders will set the amount you can borrow based on your previous few years’ income; some may calculate it based on only your previous year of trading.

Lenders will also calculate your earnings differently, depending on trading status:-

  • Sole traders and partnerships, lenders take net profits as income.

Limited companies, lenders look at salary and dividends. In some cases, they look at salary and net profit of the company.

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