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The Correct Way to View a Property

The correct way to view a property isn’t taught in schools and isn’t really common knowledge so it is easy to view a property in the wrong way. This could mean that you end up in a house that has numerous problems that need fixed that you paid thousands too much for. To make sure that you are more informed when you view a property, we’ve put a few tips in this blog post for you.
Ask The Right Questions
The agent will probably have a whole wealth of knowledge about the property you are viewing, so if you know the right things to ask you could learn more about the property than other viewers and maybe even save yourself some money. One thing that you should ask is why the owner is selling the property. The agent doesn’t have to answer this but they might hint at the circumstances and you might learn something that will help you haggle for a lower price.
You should also ask exactly what is included in the sale of the property. Where do the boundaries of the property lie? Are any of the contents included in the sale? This kind of information is vital in determining the value of your house and asking these questions are a quick way to find out if you’re on to a bargain or are being overcharged.
Other questions that you should ask is the length that the property has been on the market, the length of time that the owners have lived at the property, whether the price could be negotiated, and how many offers have been received so far.
View It Correctly
When you are viewing the house for the first time, you are often seeing how you would feel living at the house. This is an important thing to do as you should choose a house that you would be happy living in, however when viewing the house like this you might miss a few things.
Alongside judging whether you would be happy in a house, you should also look at the house as a building that needs inspected. Look out for any problems that would need repaired, as these would have a large impact on the value of your price. If you do spot a problem then don’t necessarily let it put you off the property, but you may be able to negotiate a lower price instead.
Make sure that the house has had a house survey done. This is different from the mortgage valuation and will tell you about any problems that the property has.
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